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Project Summary

Project: Water Main Improvement

Owner: Regional Water Authority

LOCATION: Branford, CT

Contract Range: $2 - $5M

MARKET: utilities

Duration: November 2016 to May 2017

PROJECT media:


Installation of 12,000 lf of 16" DI water main 


  • Limited timeframe for project completion, required operations to continue during winter months

  • Work within nature preserve prohibited use of certain types of equipment

  • Large diameter main


Brennan Construction was contracted directly by RWA to install 12,000 LF of 16” DI water main to improve the water transmission volume and water quality to the Northern section of Branford.  The scope of the project consisted of the following:


  • Installation of 12,000 LF of 16” DI water main through town roads and off-road right-of-ways designated as nature preserves

  • Involved 2 open cut stream crossings

  • Included over 2,000 cy of trench rock excavation by mechanical means

  • Transfer of 70 customer water service lines to new water main


Project was necessitated by a water supply and quality issue in a residential section of Branford.  In order to solve both issues, RWA needed to install a large diameter main to service the area within a short period of time.  Brennan utilized multiple crews including working through the winter to install all the mains, services, and complete final restoration in 7 months.  In addition a portion of the project had to be installed in a right of way that consisted of a nature preserve which limited the size and type of equipment which could be utilized.

project media:

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