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David R. Brennan

President & CEO

David graduated from Providence College with a B.S. Degree in Business Administration.  He joined the company in 1993, prior to which he had experience in banking, accounting, construction, and sales.  David began his Brennan career in fleet and personnel management.  While serving as the head of the safety committee he transitioned and modernized the company’s safety program.  The application of his diverse background and extensive experience in the financial areas of the industry have benefited the company by David's leadership in building a strong balance sheet, able to withstand the recent fluctuations in the economy. Under his management, the company has developed strong relationships with major customers, resulting in repeat collaborations to the mutual satisfaction of both. The company’s profitability, community involvement, and sales diversity have dramatically increased during the last 10 years under his leadership. David has encouraged the development of new technologies to increase efficiency and recognize the need for green innovations and solutions. He serves on several boards as a director both inside and outside of our industry, as well as representing the company on the CCIA and in labor negotiations.  

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