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The John J. Brennan
Company History

127 Years of Excellence ~ 1897-2024

A family business from day one

In 1897, John J. Brennan, a 38-year old mason and son of Thomas Brennan of Shelton, decided to start a masonry and concrete placement business. The new firm, a family business, was named John J. Brennan & Sons and was located in a barn on Cliff Street, behind the yet-to-be completed St. Joseph's Church. As Mr. Brennan's five sons grew older and started their families, they built their houses along Cliff Street as well. 


An integral part of a growing community

The new business flourished throughout the early 20th century. Many of the brick factory buildings in Shelton, Derby and Ansonia were built by John J. Brennan & Sons. One of the earliest contracts included masonry work in the beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd on Coram Avenue and Kneen Street in 1905. The Depression years saw a change in the business, directing the firm's diversification into general contracting.

The influence of war

World War II signaled a significant upturn in business as the company responded to the need for factories to retool and expand – in order to handle defense-related orders.


The John J. Brennan Construction Company (renamed in 1955) remained on Cliff Street until 1967. Later that year, it relocated to White Street and then to its present location on Platt Road.


From this period to the present, the company has continued to expand its capabilities and services to meet the growing needs of the greater valley area, and beyond.


Fourth-generation Brennans continue the legacy

Today, Brennan is managed by Eric and Matthew Brennan – the fourth generation after John J. Brennan started his masonry business over 100 years ago. Together they continue to work the business with the same dedication to quality and service that built the company into the business it is today.


4th-generation Brennans have a tradition of excellence and a respectful approach to construction that’s free of hassles, free of agendas, free of surprises. Customers expect an outstanding job at a fair price – Brennan people break their backs making that happen.

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