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It's Not Just Our Priority - It's Our Obsession

​The safety and health of our employees are driving forces for our entire company. The safer our people are, the more motivated and more productive they are – which results in higher quality work and more satisfied clients every time.



Our Ongoing Safety Program

To protect our employees and property from harm, we require participation in our award-winning safety program, which involves safety orientation, training, and awareness. Employees must accept their responsibility to comply with the Company’s Safety Rules and conduct themselves in a safe and reasonable manner. Our goal is to provide a safe and efficient working environment where personal injury, property damage, and equipment damage is eliminated.​

Fourth-generation Brennans Continue the Legacy

  • Perform our work safely and productively

  • Provide an environment of safety awareness

  • Stay compliant with all applicable laws

  • Be proactive with accident prevention

  • Conduct daily safety reviews on each project

  • Deliver weekly toolbox talks

  • Conduct quarterly safety reviews

  • Investigate/analyze/learn from an incident, should one occur

Training procedures & safety courses

Safety orientation and training are provided on the very first day of employment at Brennan. All field personnel are required to be OSHA 10-certified and refresher courses are offered on an annual basis. In addition, First Aid and CPR classes are offered each year, and MSHA training is provided to all relevant personnel.​ Annual company wide safety meetings allow the group to participate in the global safety message.  Monthly field visits by human resources and the safety manager allow the team to discuss the various safety challenges that they might face on a day to day basis.

Brennan takes great pride in consistently outperforming national and industry safety statistics and performance goals. It’s part of our “passion to be the best.” Our highly successful safety program has advanced a positive culture and continues to improve safety at every level of the business.

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