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Onsite Crushing

One more way we crush the competition

Using our in-house portable crushers, we have the ability to crush excavated rock for reuse on-site – which saves serious time and money.​


Simply put, portable tracked crushers save us time – and save our customers money. As our President and CEO, David Brennan, puts it:


“The name of the game these days is to cut down on the number of trucks being used. We want to bring as little material into the site – and out of the site – as possible. The best scenario to accomplish this is to recycle materials from the old structures and infrastructure at various job sites and reuse that material to build new roads and to create fill items. Even within the site, the tracked crushers represent a savings to us. We’re not moving truckloads of material from one end of the site to the other to process the material in the crusher. The crusher is mobile; we bring the crusher within the site to the material that needs to be processed, thus saving moving it around with loaders and trucks.”

Brennan has been using portable tracked crushers purchased since 1999, when the company purchased a Metso model 105 as part of our commitment to recycling and material management – we’ve been improving our production and efficiency ever since.


The business first entered the sand and gravel industry in 1980 when most of its production equipment was stationary at its Gravel facility in Shelton. This pattern of operations lasted into the late 90s when it became clear that both recycling and mobile crushing were the wave of the future.


Over the past 20 years or so, Brennan has continued to use and embrace new technology in both the recycling and mobile crushing markets. Brennan mobile units can be deployed anywhere in the state.

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