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Project Summary

Project: Pipe Bursting

Owner: City of West Haven


Contract Range: $100 - $500K

MARKET: utilities

PROJECT media:

Duration: December, 2018


Upsizing approximately 200’ of 8” transite sewer to 10” HDPE  15 feet under busy main road in West Haven, CT


  • Depth of replacement

  • Minimizing disruption of traffic and community


Using pipe bursting technology, Brennan saved considerable time and money for the City of West Haven during an emergency sewer replacement project in the Savin Rock area.    Traditional methods would have involved closing the road  while excavating of a trench to access the existing, leaking sewer main.  The depth of the trench and length of the replacement would have required multiple weeks to get the job done.  Using the Grundowinch pipe bursting system, Brennan tunneled under the road to burst the old clay pipe while simultaneously laying the new HDPE pipe.   The old pipe was displaced into the soil surrounding the new pipe.  The entire replacement took a day. 

The city realized significant savings in the project with the reduced length of time for the replacement, the elimination of the need to dig up and repave the road and the minimal requirements for traffic monitoring while the project was underway.

project media:

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