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Henry St Water

Project Summary

Project: Utility Installation

Owner: PSEG Power

LOCATION: Bridgeport, CT

Contract Range: $2.5 - $5M

MARKET: utilities

PROJECT media:

Duration: Jan 2017 to Oct 2018


Installation of off-site utilities for new 485 MW combined-cycle power plant


  • Utilities installed in busy urban environment

  • Aging infrastructure

  • High groundwater table

  • Strict permitting


Brennan Construction was contracted directly by PSEG to perform the installation of off-site utilities to feed and facilitate the construction of a new 485 MW combined-cycle power plant.  The project consisted of the following:


  • Installation of 1,000 LF of 16” DI restrained joint water main to feed new plant

  • Relocation of approximately 1,200 LF of existing 12” and 8” DI water main within the existing power plant property to facilitate new construction

  • Construction of a new meter station/backflow building for the new water main

  • Excavation, shoring, and backfill for 500 LF of 16” DI steel gas main (Installation by SCG)

  • Installation of 1,000 LF of 345-kv duct bank to tie in Singer Substation to the new power plant

  • Installation of 2,200 LF of 4” HDPE forced main sewer and sanitary lift station


The utilities were all installed in an urban environment working around aging infrastructure including clay tile combined sanitary/storm sewers, cast iron water mains, and existing gas mains.  The utility installations were also made difficult by the presence of a high groundwater table which involved treatment prior to release due to contamination.  In addition. all existing soils were disposed of due to various contamination criteria.  

project media:

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